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Road Information


Map of daily total traffic on each road, Oct 2005 PDF file (1,929k); be patient while it loads. Peak rush hour is usually about 10% of daily total.

Map of daily total traffic on each road, Oct 1999 JPG file (256k); be patient while it loads. If you leave your cursor on the map for several seconds, a magnification button will appear. Click it.


Publications & videos on how to repair & maintain Roads

How to calm the traffic Example on route 50 in Virginia

Roads don't have to break up wildlife areas

Why we need more dirt roads (& song)


County ordinance requiring street numbers on houses & long driveways

Road cleanup: Keep Jefferson Beautiful


State Division of Highways:

Current road conditions

Route 9: Arguments for wider road: government

State road Maintenance: potholes, snow, mowing, etc. 725-5821 Leetown

State road Construction: 800-642-9292 or 304-558-3505 Charleston

State road Re-design: traffic lights, turn lanes, speed limits, etc. 304-289-3521 Burlington

State road traffic Accidents 304-558-3063 Charleston

State road traffic Counts 304-558-9620 Charleston


(Speed limits are based on: curves, number of entrances, and 80th percentile of the speeds that drivers actually go, not on any effort to keep roads peaceful or protect farm equipment. Sheriff's deputies rarely have time for speed enforcement anyway.)





A traffic study was done for Jefferson, Berkeley and Washington Counties by several consultants, following national DOT standards for such studies. The study documents are no longer on the web. Ask if you need them


Page 10 of the file says they are assuming 66% total population growth over 30 years in Jefferson & Berkeley counties, and 53% in Washington county. These are outside groups' projections of our overall growth (I'm waiting to hear the exact source). They used local planning figures to estimate where this would be, but not the total growth.


The study assumes no change in trips per person over the next 30 years, though they said there has been substantial growth in trips per person in the past 30 years.


Page 14 shows through-traffic from outside the region (340, 9, and Interstates). Through-traffic will more than double on rt 9 at Harpers Ferry; with lesser increases everywhere else.


Page 19 shows $100 million spent on roads & bridges in Jefferson County so far (they don't say since when), and $105 million in the next 6 years. Much more than the other 2 counties together.


Page 24 says that in 2000, two thirds of vehicle-miles were at level of service C or better. Level C means traffic flows with some delays.


Page 24 says that after the projected 66% population growth, and the $105 million in road construction, then in 2030 two thirds of vehicle miles will be level D or worse (substantial delays).


The consultants also have a summary of the meetings For rt 340 at Harpers Ferry, the summary suggests considering "reversible lanes" to allow only one-way traffic during rush hour, and "other alternative measures" (car pool only, like I-66? paying through a transponder like the Dulles toll road?)